The Trade Bridge Consultants team is led by John Earl and Roy Lakey, both of whom have worked in politics and business for more than 60 combined years. John and Roy have extensive experience of working across a range of political systems in more than thirty countries across the world.

Our team has advised politicians and the business community at local, national and international level. Our understanding of the political system, policy formulation and election processes gives us the background knowledge to advise and support those seeking to do business abroad. Our network reaches deep into most countries worldwide and is ready to help you meet your business goals.

About the website

You will find a resource-rich website when you enter the Trade Bridge Consultants site.  The following are the key elements:

  • Home page: tells you when elections are happening and gives you information rich news on political events around the world
  • Reports on the winning party’s policies in election campaigns or coalition government policy programmes, budgets, important political events and political and economic trends.
  • Country pages: cover 194 countries across the world. Here you will find:
    • An overview of the political history of the country and its electoral system
    • News archives for the country
    • Election results for the last election and more
    • Profiles on the key political parties along with links to their websites
    • A growing library of the biographies of key politicians
    • Links to an array of websites which are normally difficult to source
      • Government, President, Prime Minister, Parliament, Ministry and Electoral Commission websites
      • Links to trade and investment authorities for more than 130 countries
      • A growing library of key political speeches, state of the nation, budget speeches and keynote policy paper
      • As elections are held, you will also find the manifestos published by political parties, giving you a unique record of what they are promising.

Always seeking to improve

Our aim is to continually improve the quality of the site. If there are features you would like to see, or information you think would be useful, then let us know by email, or by using the contact form. If you are a politician, political party or government and have policy papers, key speeches, manifestos or government initiatives you would like to promote, then send them to us by email,.If you have photographs of political events, video clips or links to political adverts please let us have them. However, please note that we are a non-partisan website and will treat all submissions equally.

Code of Conduct

We don’t take sides. We report in an impartial and non-judgemental way and leave it for you to decide

We report the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. That means reporting elections and political events even if they occur in disputed areas or across conflicting communities

We encourage argument and debate, without personal invective or abusive language. We believe that it is possible to disagree and make your point without rancour

We adhere to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Code of Conduct.

Neither Trade Bridge Consultants, nor contributors to the Trade Bridge Consultants blog, accept payment from any source for publishing an article on the blog.


Our full name is Trade Bridge Consultants Limited.

Our registered office is 79 High Street, Teddington, Middx. TW11 8HG.

Company registration No: 8371648.

We can be contacted at +44 (0) 20 8487 1192 or at


Our website uses a wide variety of sources to find information; on the web and in country.

We confirm and expand upon our initial information by searching specialist sites, government portals, agencies, electoral commissions, political parties, opinion research organisations, academic institutions, news agencies and media sites, as well as civil society groups.

We are building up a team of in-country reporters who are providing additional information as well as contributing to our country reports.


Trade Bridge Consultants provide links to a wide range of websites, papers, speeches and manifestos. These listings do not imply any endorsement of the websites or the content of the documents. Trade Bridge Consultants is not responsible for any user interaction you may have with websites.

Please help us by reporting broken links or expired websites; also, if you come across useful websites that you think might help others then please do let us know about them.


Politics is a fast moving business. Policies change from day to day, people switch sides and do deals, parties merge in to coalitions and alliances and just as quickly fall out with each other. Government is often the art of the possible and those in government are usually forced into pragmatic decisions that do not always conform with their original intentions.

In other words, we give you the best facts as they are known to us, but always check out the latest position before committing yourself.