New law is death knell for democracy

Cambodia’s parliament has voted to amend a law which will prevent anyone who has been convicted of a crime from standing for elected office. The amended law will also introduce […]

Mexico introduces new anti-corruption legislation

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto signed new legislation yesterday which will introduce a new National Anti-Corruption System. The legislation goes much of the way towards meeting the demands of a […]

Parliament becomes a Constitutional Assembly

Sri Lanka’s parliament has convened today as a Constitutional Assembly (CA) in a move designed to make changes to the constitution promised by President Maithripala Sirisena during his election campaign […]

Algeria makes changes to its constitution

Algeria’s parliament adopted a series of constitutional changes on Sunday which are supposed to bring greater democracy to the country. The changes promoted by the ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika were […]

Government lays out 2016 goals as Infrastructure Minister resigns

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure, Andriy Pyvovarsky, has tendered his resignation along with his deputy ministers. Pyvovarsky, who came from a well-paid job in the private sector, said that he could […]

Nepal finally gets a new Constitution

In what has been a long haul to get to this moment, Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (CA) agreed by more than a two thirds majority yesterday to pass the country’s new […]

Queen outlines legislative programme

Queen Elizabeth II delivered her ‘Queen’s Speech this morning which outlines the legislation the new Conservative government plans to bring to parliament over the next year. The Queen’s speech is […]

Bill passed to curb Presidential powers

Sri Lanka’s parliament has passed the Bill known as the “Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution”. The Bill was passed with the support of 215 of the 225 members of the […]

19th Amendment presented to Parliament

Sri Lanka’s Cabinet has approved legislation that will introduce a 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Yesterday the legislation (you can read it in full here) was tabled in Parliament. With […]

Presidential Secretariat outlines legislative programme to May

The Presidential Secretariat has announced that under the first anniversary of the second term of President Michelle Bachelet there will be a new round of reforms in the forthcoming parliament […]

President appoints PM reaches deal with Parliament

President Michel Martelly has appointed Evans Paul, a former radio journalist, as the new Prime Minister of Haiti. The appointment still has to be endorsed by parliament but it comes […]

Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency

The World Bank group has published its Doing Business 2015 book in which it gives details for 189 countries and looks at the relative ease of doing business in those […]

President announces new Infrastructure Programme

President Enrique Peña Nieto has laid out the details of the Mexican government’s National Infrastructure Programme 2014 – 2018 in a ceremony which took place yesterday. The new infrastructure plan […]

Aleksandar Vučić outlines government programme

During the voting in of a new Cabinet and government yesterday, newly elected Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, said that his government’s programme would focus on three areas; reforming the economy, […]

Renewable Energies Law approved by Cabinet

The German Cabinet has approved a new Renewable Energies Law which will move the emphasis away from solar power to other renewables. The aim appears to have been to achieve […]

PM Renzi finally gets local government reform

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi managed to get local government reforms through the lower house or Chamber of Deputies yesterday by 260 votes to 158. The reforms will see a change […]

Protests against TiSA grow

Yesterday mass demonstrations took place in Taipei as part of ongoing protests against the government’s Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) with the People’s Republic of China. The protests started […]

Ukraine gets $27 billion from IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to support Ukraine with a two-year Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) which will allow for the release of up to $27 billion as part of […]

Government and MILF sign Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which has around 10,000 armed supporters and the Philippine Government have signed a Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. The peace pact brings to an […]

General strike for more pay and less privatisation

A general strike by unions closed down much of Paraguay yesterday. The unions are calling for a 25% pay rise rather than the 10% offered and are demanding that President […]

FinMin delivers 2014 Budget

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has presented his 2014 Budget which envisages a GUY$220 billion (£667 million; $1.09 billion) budget. The Finance Minister said that growth for 2014 would be […]

Russia admits Crimea into Federation

Yesterday President Valdimir Putin of the Russian federation signed a new law admitting Crimea to the Russian Federation following a referendum last Sunday. Neither the referendum nor the annexation of […]

New interim PM and July elections

Libya’s General National Congress (GNC) voted by 124 votes to oust Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, although some members are disputing the validity of the vote. The GNC also voted for […]

Privatisation Bill passed by parliament after amendments

The House of Representatives voted through the Privatisation Bill yesterday by 30 votes to 26 votes. The Bill had been rejected last week but after a number of amendments made […]

President Nazarbayev announces business friendly measures

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced a moratorium on audits of small businesses until 1st January 2015 along with moves to streamline legislation and regulations. The president intends to work with […]