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Cabinet of Andorra

Antoni Martí Petit Prime Minister Jordi Cinca Mateos Minister of Finance Gilbert Saboya Sunyé Minister of Foreign Affairs Jordi Alcobé Font Minister of Public Administration, Transport and Telecommunications Xavier Espot […]

Democrats win but with fewer seats

The ruling Democrats for Andorra (DA) won the general election on 1st March, taking 15 seats and 37.03% of the vote, but they dropped five seats on the 2011 poll. […]

Parliamentary 2015

An election to the General Council took place on 1 March 2015. National Parish Total Democrats for Andorra (Demòcrates per Andorra, DA) 5 10 15 Liberal Party of Andorra (Partit Liberal […]

Andorrans elect new General Council

Voting opened at 9 a.m. today and will close at 7 p.m. for the 24,512 Andorran choosing 28 representatives to the ‘Consell General’ (General Council) or parliament. Half of those […]

Social Democratic Party

Founded in 2000 the party drew support from the New Democracy and National Democratic Initiative.  They describe themselves as centre left and are affiliated to Socialist International and are observers […]

Democrats for Andorra

Founded in 2011, Democrats for Andorra is the direct successor to the Reformist Coalition which stood in the 2009 general election. Formed of a union between the Liberal party of […]

Centre right opposition wins election

The centre right Democrats for Andorra led by Toni Marti have taken 55.2% of the vote and 20* of the 28 seats in the General Council election which took place yesterday, […]

Parliamentary 2011

An election to the General Council took place on 3 April 2011. Democrats for Andorra (Demòcrates per Andorra) 18 Units per al Progrés + Demòcrates per Andorra 2 Lauredian Union […]

General election today

Voters from the 85,000 population mountain principality of Andorra will go to the polls today.  Voting started a few days ago and already 31.43% of voters were said to have […]

Parliament dissolved

The head of Government, Jaume Bartumeu has dissolved the Andorran parliament and called elections for 3rd April 2011. The election has been called early because the ruling party was unable […]