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Opposition win two seats in new Parliament

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus has announced all of the successful candidates in the House of Representatives election which took place yesterday. The opposition put up nearly half […]

Parliamentary 2016

An election to the House of Representatives took place on 11 September 2016. Communist Party of Belarus (Kamunistychnaya Partyia Belarusi) 8 Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal’no-Demokraticheskaya Partiya) 1 Republican Party of […]

Belarus votes for a new House of Representatives

Belarus is holding a general election today under a new system whereby it will elect 110 members of the House of Representatives in a first past the post system. As […]

Cabinet of Belarus

Andrei Kobyakov Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alexander N. Kosinets Head of the Presidential Administration Leonid V. Anfimov Chairman of the State Control Committee Vasily S. Matyushevsky First […]

Lukashenko wins fifth term

As predicted incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko has won a fifth term in office in yesterday’s presidential election. Lukashenko took 83.49% of the vote according to preliminary results published by the […]

Presidential 2015

An election took place on 11 October 2015. Alexander Lukashenko (Independent) 83.5% Tatyana Korotkevich (People’s Referendum) 4.4% Sergey Gaydukevich (Liberal Democratic Party) 3.3% Nikolay Ulakhovich (Belarusian Patriotic Party) 1.7% Registered […]

Lukashenko will be elected for fifth term in Presidential election today

There are four candidates standing in this election, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, Nikolai Ulakhovich, Sergei Gaidukevich and Tatiana Korotkevich. Alexander Lukashenko, standing as an independent, will win the election. He […]

Presidential election called for 11th October

The House of Representatives, the lower house of the National Assembly of Belarus, has approved the date of 11th October 2015 for the next Presidential election. Registration of candidates will […]

President Lukashenko dismisses senior Ministers in reshuffle

President Alexander Lukashenko carried out a major reshuffle of his Cabinet and other key posts yesterday. The Prime Minister, Governor of the Central Bank and several top Ministers were dismissed […]

Leonid Anfimov is new Chairman of State Control Committee

Belarussian President, Alexander Lukashenko, has appointed Leonid Anfimov as the new Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus. He replaces Alexander Yakobson who was dismissed in […]

Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus sign Eurasian Economic Union Treaty

The three Presidents of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Belarus met in the Kazakh capital of Astana and signed the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) treaty yesterday, creating a new market with […]

Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Minsk reveals treaty problems

President Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council summit in Minsk has questioned the direction of the draft treaty and whether it is necessary to sign the documentation […]