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Jorge Carlos Fonseca re elected President

President Jorge Carlos Fonseca has won a comfortable re-election following the 2nd October presidential election although turnout was a disappointing 36%. Fonseca of the ruling Movement for Democracy (MpD) took […]

Presidential 2016

An election took place on 2 October 2016. Jorge Carlos Fonseca (Movement for Democracy) 74% Albertino Graça (Independent) 22.5% Joaquim Monteiro (Independent) 3.4% Registered electors: 361,221 Votes: 128,117 Turnout: 35.7% […]

Cape Verde votes in Presidential Election

The voters of Cape Verde will be choosing from three candidates in today’s presidential election. Jorge Carlos Fonseca; President since 2011 and representing the Movement for Democracy (MpD) which ruled […]

Cabinet of Cape Verde

José Ulisses Correia e Silva Prime Minister and Minister of State Reform, Decentralisation and Regionalisation Fernando Elísio Freire Minister of the Presidency, Parliamentary Affairs and Sports Olavo Correia Minister of […]

New Cabinet named in transfer of power

Cape Verde has witnessed a peaceful handover of power when the Movement for Democracy (MpD) led by Ulisses Correia e Silva took over from the African Party for Independence in […]

MpD oust PAICV after fifteen years in power

The opposition centrist Movement for Democracy (MpD), led by former mayor of Praia Ulisses Correia e Silva, has won the general election, defeating the centre-left African Party for the Independence […]

Parliamentary 2016

An election took place on 20 March 2016. Movement for Democracy (Movimento para Democracia, MpD) 40 African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo […]

General election today

Cape Verde is holding its general election today for the 72 members of the National Assembly. There are six parties standing, one of them a newcomer, and a total of […]

Tourism resilient but economy sluggish

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has concluded Article IV consultations with the Government of Cape Verde. Tourism remains ‘resilient’ and remittance have held up with growth estimated at around 4.3% […]

Opposition candidate Fonseca wins presidential election

Movement for Democracy (MPD) candidate, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, is the surprise winner of the Cape Verdean second round runoff in the presidential election. Fonseca took 54.45% of the vote (with […]

Presidential 2011

First round elections took place on 7 August 2011. Jorge Carlos Fonseca (Movement for Democracy) 37.3% Manuel Inocêncio Sousa (African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde) 32.0% Aristides Lima […]

Presidential runoff today

Voters in Cape Verde go to the polls today in the second round runoff for the presidency. In the first round Jorge Carlos Fonseca (60) of the opposition Movement for […]

Runoff on 21st August

The Cape Verde presidential election on Sunday was inconclusive, forcing a second round runoff which will take place on Sunday 21st August. Jorge Carlos Fonseca of the opposition Movement for […]