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Julio César Gandarilla is new Interior Minister

Periódico Granma, the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party has announced that Vice-Admiral Julio César Gandarilla Bermejo has been appointed as the new Minister of the Interior. He replaces […]

Cabinet of Cuba

Raúl Castro Ruz President of the Council of Ministers and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) José Ramón Machado Ventura Second Secretary of […]

Council of State announces Ministerial Changes

Cuba’s Council of State announced late last week a number of ministerial changes. The official announcement from the Council is as follows: “The Cuban Council of State, at the suggestion […]

Interior Minister resigns due to ill health

Abelardo Colomé, Cuba’s Interior Minister has resigned due to poor health according to an official notice in Periodica Granma. He has been replaced by his First Deputy Minister, Carlos Fernández […]

US normalises relations with Cuba

President Barack Obama has announced that the United States intends to normalise relations with Cuba. The move ends more than 50 years of isolation for Cuba from its large neighbour […]

Periodico Granma

Official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba

Miguel Diaz-Canel elected First Vice-President

The National Assembly of People’s Power has ratified the appointment of Raul Castro as President of Cuba for another five years. President Raul Castro made it clear that this would […]

Cuba goes to the polls

A total of 8,631,836 Cubans will be entitled to vote today for the 612 deputies to the Cuban Parliament, and the 1,269 delegates to the provincial assemblies of the People’s […]

Parliamentary 2013

An election to the National Assembly of People’s Power took place on 3 February 2013. Under the electoral system only one candidate is nominated for each seat, but candidates must […]

Cuba holds municipal elections

Cuba held municipal elections on Sunday. Turnout was 91.9% and 13,127 of the 14,537 posts for members of the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power were elected. The remaining 1,410 will […]

Communist Party of Cuba

The Communist Party of Cuba or PCC was originally formed in 1920 and later renamed the Popular Socialist Party. After the 1956 – 1959 revolution, in 1961, the Integrated Revolutionary […]

Two ministers replaced

Two ministers have been replaced according to an official notice in the Cuban News Agency (ACN) citing the Granma official communist party organ. The report states that the Cuban Council […]

Raul promotes youngsters

President Raúl Castro has made three changes to his Cabinet. He has appointed Miguel Diaz-Canel as the new Vice President of the Council of Ministers. He replaces 89 year old […]

Reform package approved

The Sixth Cuban Communist Party (PCC) congress has approved a package of reforms proposed by President Raul Castro which will increase private enterprise for small businesses in the country and […]

Communist Party to experiment with free enterprise

The Sixth Cuban Communist Party (PCC) congress will take place from tomorrow 16th April 2011 until 19th April.  Around 1,000 delegates will attend in a congress which is expected to […]