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Cabinet of Djibouti

Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed Prime Minister Moumin Ahmed Cheikh Minister of Justice and Penitentiary Affairs, in charge of Human Rights Ali Guelleh Aboubaker Minister to the Presidency in Charge of Investment […]

President elected for fourth term

Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh has won yesterday’s presidential election with 86.68% of the vote according to the country’s electoral commission. The second candidate was Omar Elmi Khaireh who took […]

Presidential 2016

An election took place on 8 April 2016. Ismail Omar Guelleh (People’s Rally for Progress) 87.07% Omar Elmi Khaireh (Union for National Salvation) 7.34% Mohamed Daoud Chehem (Union for National […]

Ismail Omar Guelleh to be elected President again

Djibouti is holding a presidential election today and there seems little doubt that the man who has held the country in his grip since 1999, President Ismail Omar Guelleh of […]

IMF completes Article IV consultation with Djibouti

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has completed its Article IV consultation with Djibouti. The full press release as published on the IMF website is as follows; “IMF Executive Board Concludes […]

Few people have benefitted from recent economic growth says IMF

Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their Article IV consultation with Djibouti have noted that “while Djibouti has achieved strong economic growth, widespread poverty and unemployment pose […]

President Ismail Omar Guelleh reshuffles Cabinet

President Ismail Omar Guelleh has carried out a complete reshuffle of his Cabinet which now consists of 23 ministers, deputy ministers and secretaries of state. The new Prime Minister is […]

Countries sign tripartite agreement to truck oil out of South Sudan

The governments of South Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti have signed an agreement to allow trucks of crude oil from South Sudan to travel through Ethiopia and then out through ports […]

Governing party wins election but denounced by opposition

The results of the general election which took place on Friday have been announced by the government but were instantly denounced by the opposition. Interior Minister Hassan Darar Houffaneh announced […]

Parliamentary 2013

An election to the National Assembly took place on 22 February 2013. Union for the Presidential Majority (Union Majorité Présidentielle, UMP) 43 Union for National Salvation (Union pour le Salut […]

General election in Djibouti today

A general election takes place today in the small Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti in much quieter circumstances than the presidential election in 2011 which saw protests nationwide. Around […]

Guelleh wins third term

Incumbent president Ismail Omar Guelleh has won a third term in office after elections on Friday (8th April 2011). Provisional results from 352 of 387 polling stations give Ismail Guelleh […]

Presidential 2011

An election took place on 8 April 2011. Ismail Omar Guelleh (People’s Rally for Progress) 79.26% Mohamed Warsama Ragueh (Independent) 20.74% Registered Voters: 152,000 Turnout: 69.68% Votes: 111,130 Provisional figures, […]

Polling day today in low key election

Voters go to the polls today (Friday 8th April 2011) in the Djibouti presidential election. There are two candidates, the current president, Ismael Guelleh, who has been in power for […]