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Eastern Parliament pulls out of peace talks

The political impasse continues in Libya with the House of Representatives based in the east of the country deciding yesterday to pull out of the United Nations brokered Libyan Dialogue […]

Government of National Accord makes headway in Tripoli

At long last it looks as though a breakthrough has occurred in Libya which will see the establishment of a new Government of National Accord (GNA). The GNA came about […]

Mohamed Al-Madani appointed new Interior Minister

The Libya Herald is reporting that internationally recognised Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani has appointed Mohamed Al-Madani as his new Minister of Interior. We have not been able to independently verify […]

Recognised parliament extends its mandate

Libya’s internationally recognised and elected parliament (House of Representatives – HOR), which is currently based in Tobruk, has extended its mandate. The mandate was due to run out on 20th […]

Supreme Court rules June elections invalid

Libya’s Supreme Court has ruled that the parliament elected on 25th June 2014. The House of Representatives emerged from the former General National Congress (GNC) February Committee earlier this year […]

HOR approves new Cabinet

The internationally recognised parliament of Libya has finally approved a new Cabinet as presented by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni. The first Cabinet presented to the House of Representatives (HOR) over […]

Libyan government resigns to make way for new Cabinet

Libya’s government has tendered its resignation to make way for the formation of a new government by the recently elected House of Representatives. The new parliament which has superseded the […]

Libya is back to two Prime Ministers and now two Parliaments

Libya is back to having two Prime Ministers and now it has two parliaments. The General National Congress (GNC) reconvened itself yesterday despite a new parliament, the House of Representatives, […]

Parliament votes for UN intervention

The Libya herald reports that the House of Representatives voted yesterday to disband all recognised and funded militias formed after the February 2011 revolution. The vote was carried by 102 […]

House of Representatives meets and elects Speaker

The new House of Representatives has concluded its first major hurdle – to meet and elect a Speaker or President of the House. The new parliament met yesterday in Tobruk, […]

Security deteriorates as House of Representatives meets

All the main Embassies in Libya have now closed as fighting continues at Tripoli’s international airport between Islamist militia from Misrata and the anti-Islamist Zintan militia. The British Embassy closed […]

Security situation out of control around Tripoli

A number of governments including the UK, USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands have urged their citizens to leave Libya as fighting intensifies around the capital Tripoli (especially the airport) […]

General Election turnout was 45%

The High National Election Commission (HNEC) announced last night that around 45% (630,000) of those registered to vote had done so at yesterday’s general election. There were, however, between ten […]

Parliamentary 2014

An election to the House of Representatives took place on 25 June 2014. All candidates stood as independents, as party lists were forbidden under the new electoral system. Of the 200 […]

Libya votes despite battles around Benghazi

Libyans will go to the polls today to elect a new 200 seat House of Representatives which will replace the discredited 200 seat General National Congress (GNC). Thirty seats in […]

Budget comes into force

The Libyan budget came into force yesterday by default rather than through a parliamentary debate. Members of the General National Congress (GNC) gathered from the early hours until mid-afternoon when […]

Libya back to one PM as Maetig accepts court ruling

Ahmed Maetig announced yesterday in a short press conference that he accepted the Supreme Court ruling which found his election last month as Prime Minister unconstitutional. This ends the saga […]

Supreme Court rules against Maetig

Reuters is reporting that Libya’s Supreme Court has ruled that the election of Ahmed Maetig as Prime Minister last month and the follow up vote later in the month was […]

Political instability and lack of security grows in Libya

Libya may or may not have a new Prime Minister and Libya may or may not have a new government. The situation on the ground seems confusing and contradictory with […]

Ahmed Maetig confirmed as Prime Minister

President of the General national Congress, Nouri Abusahmain, has issued a decree declaring Ahmed Maetig as the new Prime Minister of Libya. The President was obliged to sort out a […]

Libya might, or might not, have a new Prime Minister

Libya was once more in disarray last night after controversy erupted over a newly elected Prime Minister. Ahmed Maetig was elected as the new Prime Minister yesterday but only after […]

Interim PM resigns

The woes of Libya continued yesterday after interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni announced that he was resigning as soon as the General National Congress (GNC) can find a replacement. The […]