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Cabinet of the Marshall Islands

Mattlan Zackhras Minister-in-Assistance to the President John Silk Minister of Foreign Affairs Brenson S. Wase Minister of Finance Wilbur Heine Minister of Education Kalani Kaneko Minister of Health Thomas Heine […]

Hilda Heine’s new Cabinet

The Cabinet of recently elected President Hilda Heine was sworn in to office last week. The full list of the members of the new Cabinet are as follows: Mattlan Zackhras […]

Hilda Heine elected President of Marshall Islands

Hilda Heine has been elected as the new President of the Marshall Islands. She takes over the post from Casten Nemra who lasted fifteen days in the post before being […]

President ousted in No Confidence vote

Casten Nemra was elected President of the Marshall Islands at the beginning of January an assumed office on 11th January. Yesterday he was removed from office in a confidence motion […]

Casten Nemra elected President

Casten Nemra has been elected by the country’s Nitijeļā or parliament as its new President. The move comes after elections took place for the 33 member parliament on 19th November […]

Marshall Islands elects new Parliament today

The Marshall Islands, a presidential republic in free association with the United States, is holding elections for its national parliament, local government posts and a number of other elected officials […]

Parliamentary 2015

An election has been announced for 16 November 2015. Results will be published here.

SOE reforms a policy priority says IMF

Growth dipped from 3.2% in 2012 to around 0.8% in 2013 but is expected to pick up to 3.2% once more in 2014 say the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in […]

Presidential 2012

Indirect elections took place on 3 January 2012, when MPs voted 21 to 11 to elect Christopher Loeak as President.

Parliamentary 2011

Elections took place on 21 November 2011. Official results are still pending.

Political Parties in Marshall Islands

Below is a list of known political parties in Marshall Islands. This is a preliminary list and will be followed with a more detailed history of the parties. [Parties are […]

Marshall Islands

The President elected by members of the legislature for a four year term. Unicameral. The legislature or Nitijela has 33 members elected by popular vote to serve four year terms.