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Moldovans elect pro-Russian President

Moldovans decided to choose a pro-Russian candidate in yesterday’s second round runoff of the presidential election. Igor Dodon of the pro-Russian and left-wing Party of Socialists of the Republic of […]

Dodon to face Sandu in second round runoff

Igor Dodon of the left-wing and pro-Russian Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) will face Maia Sandu of the centre-right and pro-European Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) […]

Moldova elects a new President

Moldova will be holding a presidential election today which sees a pro-Russian well ahead in the polls. In the first direct presidential elections since 1996 (previously they have been indirect […]

Presidential 2016 (Second round)

The first round took place on 30 October 2016 and a second round runoff has been announced for 13 November. Results will be published here.

Cabinet of Moldova

Pavel Filip Prime Minister Gheorghe Brega Deputy Prime Minister Gheorghe Balan Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Affairs Octavian Calmic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Andrei Galbur Deputy Prime […]

Political deadlock broken as Parliament votes in new Government

Moldovan politicians have finally broken a political stalemate which has lasted for months when yesterday they gave a vote of confidence to a new government. Only 68 members of the […]

President nominates Pavel Filip as Prime Minister

In his quest to find a suitable Prime Minister to form a unified coalition government, President Nicolae Timofti, has nominated yet another candidate for the post. This time it is […]

Ion Sturza nominated as PM to break political impasse

Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti has nominated Ion Sturza to become the new Prime Minister of the country. The prime minister will have 15 days in which to appoint a Cabinet […]

President appoints interim PM

Following the successful no-confidence motion which brought down the government of Prime Minister Valeriu Streleț on Thursday the president has appointed an interim Prime Minister. President Nicolae Timofti has appointed […]

Government loses confidence motion

Moldova’s government, led by Prime Minister Valeriu Streleț, was voted down in a motion of no confidence yesterday. The motion was brought by the Democratic Party (PDM), Party of Socialists […]

Parliament approves new PM and Cabinet

Moldova’s parliament has approved the appointment of Valeriu Streleț Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The parliament also approved the government’s programme which remains broadly pro-European. The full list of the […]

Valeriu Streleț to become Prime Minister

President Nicolae Timofti signed a decree yesterday nominating Valeriu Streleț for the position of Prime Minister. Valeriu Streleț, 45, has a degree in history from the Moldova State University and […]

New government and new Prime Minister

The leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) Vlad Filat, Democratic Party (PDM) Marian Lupu and Liberal Party (PL) Mihai Ghimpu have signed an agreement to form a new government. […]

President appoints interim PM

President Nicolae Timofti has asked Acting Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and European Integration Minister Natalia Gherman to be interim prime minister and to try to form a government. The Prime […]

Local elections held today as government teeters

Around 2.8 million Moldovans are going to the polls in local elections today in the middle of a political crisis in the country. Voting was reported to be heavy at […]

Prime Minister resigns

Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici has resigned after questions were raised over the validity of some of his school certificates. The move is, however, only part of the story and the […]

Parliament approves new Government

Moldova’s Parliament has voted for and President Nicolae Timofti has approved Chiril Gaburici to be the new Prime Minister of Moldova. Gaburici was put forward by the Liberal Democratic Party […]

Iurie Leancă asked to form new Government

President Nicolae Timofti has appointed caretaker Prime Minister Iurie Leancă as candidate for the office of Prime Minister to form a new government following the general election on 30th November. […]

Pro-European parties take narrow lead in general election

Pro-European parties have just edged clear of pro-Russian parties in the Moldovan general election which took place yesterday. The big story, however, was the success of an otherwise little known […]

Parliamentary 2014

An election took place on 30 November 2014. Party of Socialists (Partidul Socialiştilor din Republica Moldova, PSRM) 25 Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (Partidul Liberal Democrat din Moldova, PLDM) 23 […]

Moldova votes in general election

Moldova is voting in its general election today where the pro-European parties are pitched against the pro-Russian Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova. The election will be held […]