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Horizon Monaco win general election in landslide

Horizon Monaco, formerly known as Rally for Monaco has won a landslide victory in Sunday’s general election. Horizon Monaco, led by Laurent Nouvion, increased their 2008 tally by 17 seats […]

Parliamentary 2013

An election to the National Council took place on 10 February 2013. Horizon Monaco 20 Union Monégasque  3 Renaissance  1 Total 24 Registered electors: 6,825 Votes: 5,088 Turnout: 74.55% Source: […]

General election today

A general election will take place today with three political parties standing for the 24 seats in the National Council. There are 6,824 voters and they will be able to […]

Horizon Monaco

Horizon Monaco formerly known as The Rally for Monaco – National and Democratic Union was founded in 1962 as a merger of the National Union of Independents and the National […]

Union for Monaco

Union for Monaco is an alliance of three parties, Union for the Principality (Union pour la Principauté), the National Union for the Future of Monaco (Union nationale pour l’Avenir de […]


The Rock of Monaco defines why a settlement exists in its present place today. The 459 foot tall rock on the Mediterranean coast close to the French Italian border enabled […]

Parliamentary 2008

An election to the National Council took place on 3 February 2008. Union for Monaco 21 Union for the Principality National Union for the Future of Monaco Promotion of the […]