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Minister dies in Russia

Nauru’s Minister of Transport and Health, Valdon Dowiyogo, is reported to have died during a visit to Russia. The 48 year old minister was reported to be in poor health.

Parliamentary 2016

An election has been announced for 9 July 2016. Results will be published here.

Parliament dissolved with election on 9th July

Nauru’s Speaker of Parliament, Ludwig Scotty, has issued the awaited writ announcing the dissolution of parliament and for a general election to be held on 9th July. The last election […]

Parliament elects new President who appoints Cabinet

Following the general election on 8th June, the new parliament has met and elected a new President and Cabinet. In an attempt to break the problem of past deadlocks in […]

Parliamentary 2013

An election took place on 8 June 2013. Supporters of the Government 14 Opponents of the Government 5 Total 18  

Election today

A general election is being held today after months of political stalemate brought about by no clear majority in the island’s parliament. The election had originally been planned for 22nd […]

State of Emergency and early election

President Sprent Dabwido has declared a state of emergency in the country allowing him to release funds for the normal functioning of government. As part of the move the president […]

Parliament dissolved with election possibly on 22nd June

Radio New Zealand International reported early this morning that Speaker Godfrey Thoma dissolved parliament today after parliament lacked a quorum after weeks of stalemate. The media outlet reports that a […]

Supreme Court nullifies elections tells parliament to reconvene

Chief Justice Geoffrey Eames of the Supreme Court in Nauru has ruled that the decision by the Speaker of Parliament, Ludwig Scotty, to dissolve parliament last month was unconstitutional. The […]

Nauru’s Speaker dissolves parliament

Ludwig Scotty, Nauru’s Speaker has dissolved parliament indefinitely, citing unruly behaviour by MPs as the reason. As a result an election is likely to be held within weeks, rather than […]

Kieren Keke resigns as Foreign Minister

An Australian Newspaper, The West Australian, is reporting that Nauru’s Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Health, Sport, Dr. Kieren Keke has resigned from cabinet. No official reason for the […]

New Cabinet formed

According to reports in the Radio New Zealand International, President Sprent Dabwido, has appointed a new Cabinet after his dismissal of the old Cabinet yesterday. The new Cabinet lineup has […]

President dismisses Cabinet

President Sprent Dabwido has, today, dismissed his entire Cabinet, saying that he is unable to work with them. The President has been trying to push forward constitutional amendments which would […]

Third president within a week

Nauru elected a new president yesterday just a week after a president was elected. A week ago President Marcus Stephen, who had led the country for about four years, resigned […]

President Resigns

President Marcus Stephen has resigned following allegations of corruption. An opposition member is reported as having read out an email in parliament purporting to come from the president which asks […]

Political Parties in Nauru

The Nauru Government website states that “Nauru does not have a political party system, so all members of Parliament are effectively independent members. Whilst it is usual for members to […]


Early inhabitants of Nauru were Micronesian and Polynesian settlers from about 3,000 years ago. The island society developed into twelve tribes or clans and these are depicted today by the […]

Presidential 2010

An indirect election was held on 15 November 2010 and Sprent Dabwido was elected president with nine votes for his nomination and eight votes against.

Parliamentary 2010

An election took place on 19 June 2010. Supporters of Marcus Stephen 9 Opponents of Marcus Stephen 8 Independent 1 Total 18