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Ri Yong Ho is new Foreign Minister

The Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ri Yong Ho (59) has been named as North Korea’s new Foreign Minister. He replaces Ri Su Yong (76) who has been appointed to the […]

Pak Yong-sik named Minister of the People’s Armed Forces

Gen. Pak Yong-sik has been cited as the new Minister of the People’s Armed Forces (Defence Minister). This suggests that the rumours of a few weeks ago that Hyon Yong-Chol […]

Defence Minister executed

A number of press agencies are reporting the South Korean Intelligence Service as saying that North Korea’s Defence Minister Hyon Yong-Chol has been executed. The Minister is reported to have […]

Cabinet of North Korea

Pak Pong Ju Premier of the DPRK Cabinet Ro Tu Chol Vice-Premier and Chairman of the State Planning Commission Kim Yong Jin Vice-Premier Ri Mu Yong Vice-Premier and Minister of […]

Cabinet changes as parliament meets

The 13th Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has met for the first time since elections were held last month. Kim Jong Un presided […]

New parliament, new team

A list of the newly elected 13th Supreme People’s Assembly published earlier this week suggest that there has been a major clear out of the old guard. Whilst Supreme Leader […]

Parliamentary 2014

An election to the Supreme People’s Assembly was held on 9 March 2014. Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland Workers’ Party of Korea (Chŏson Rodong-dang) 607 Korean Social […]

Voters vote today in Supreme People’s Assembly election

North Korea is holding elections to the Supreme People’s Assembly today with all candidates for the 687 seat parliament already selected by the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the […]

Elections to be held on 9th March

North Korea is to hold elections to the Supreme People’s Assembly on 9th March 2014. All candidates for the 687 seat parliament are selected by the Democratic Front for the […]

Two new ministerial appointments

Following the purge and execution of Jang Song-Thaek along with a number of his closest advisers and family members, two new ministerial appointments have been made. Mun Myong-Hak has been […]

Kaesong Industrial Complex reopens

The Kaesong (Gaeseong) Industrial Complex reopened today at 8 a.m. local time with more than 800 South Koreans crossing the border into North Korea to restart the more than 123 […]

North and South Korea agree to talks

North and South Korea have agreed to hold talks on 12th and 13th June to discuss ‘urgent’ issues including the normalization of the Kaesong Industrial Zone (Gaeseong Industrial Complex). Below […]

New law creating economic development zones

The North Korean government has enacted a new law on economic development zones with a wish list that includes “infrastructural construction and ultra-modern science and technology and in the field […]

North Korea tells foreigners to leave South Korea

The North Korean government has issued a statement to all foreigners in South Korea to leave the country. The statement suggested that the “Korean Peninsula is inching close to a […]

US gives North Korea face saver

The United States government appears to have given the North Korean administration an opening to back down from weeks of bellicose rhetoric which has gone way beyond previous threats. A […]

North Korean threats continue

North Korea continues to issue expansive rhetoric threatening military action against the United States and its ‘puppet’, South Korea. The latest statement published on the KCNA website state that “The […]

Hints of climb-down as new premier appointed

The Plenary Meeting of Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee (effectively their parliament) has appointed a new premier and appears to have started the climb-down from their bellicose statements of […]

North Korea put at a state of war

Both China and the Russian Federation have issued statements calling on the two sides, North Korea and South Korea with the support of the United States to cool down the […]

“Righteous War, Only Choice” says party newspaper

The North Korean military have reportedly put their missile batteries on high readiness as the rhetoric of the government continues to prepare the North Korean people for war. A full […]

Rhetoric up a notch more

North Korea’s rhetoric continues to rise as Kim Jong Un is seen meeting armed forces units and watching military exercises.  In some cases the outpourings and photography from the North […]

North and South Korea harden rhetoric on nuclear war

North Korea edged closer to war yesterday with rhetoric talking about a nuclear war on the peninsula being inevitable. The full press release by the Foreign Ministry is given in […]

North Korea makes more military threats

The North Korea government through its Korean Central News Agency has issued new threats of military action against South Korea and the United States today. The latest threats include military […]