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Slovakia has new four party Cabinet

Following the inconclusive general election on 5th March, Prime Minister Robert Fico of the centre-left Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD) which dropped 34 seats to take 49 seats in the […]

General election leaves a hung parliament

Slovakia’s general election has produced a mixed parliament with eight parties represented, five of which are centrist or centre-right, one is centre-left and the current ruling party and there are […]

Parliamentary 2016

An election to the National Council took place on 5 March 2016. Direction – Social Democracy (Smer–sociálna demokracia, Smer-SD) 49 Freedom and Solidarity (Sloboda a Solidarita, SaS) 21 OĽANO–NOVA 19 […]

Slovakia goes to the polls in general election

The 150 seats in the Národná rada or National Council of Slovakia are up for grabs in their general election today. In the general election on 10th March 2012 Prime […]

President appoints Vazil Hudák as Economy Minister

President Andrej Kiska has appointed Deputy Finance Minister Vazil Hudák (Vazila Hudáka) to be the new Minister of Economy. The appointment comes on the recommendation of Prime Minister Robert and […]

Economy Minister stands down

Minister of the Economy Pavol Pavlis has resigned his portfolio after a conversation with Prime Minister Robert Fico. The Minister has reportedly withdrawn after a newspaper story alleging nepotism over […]

Viliam Čislák is new Health Minister

President Andrej Kiska has appointed Viliam Čislák to be the new Minister of Health. He replaces Zuzana Zvolenská who was told to resign three days ago. Viliam Čislák (42) is […]

Health Minister told to resign

Prime Minister Robert Fico has asked Minister of Health, Zuzana Zvolenska to step down from her portfolio. The decision came after media sources exposed a story revealing that a CT […]

Economy and Education get new Ministers

Two Ministers have resigned from their posts causing a mini reshuffle in the Slovakian Cabinet. Economy Minister Tomáš Malatinský resigned on Wednesday and will be replaced by Pavol Pavlis. Minister […]

Third day of voting in European Elections

Today is the third day of voting in the European elections. On day one the United Kingdom and Netherlands voted; on day two it was the turn of Ireland and […]