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Dési Bouterse elected for second term as President

Dési Bouterse was elected unopposed as President of Suriname for a second term yesterday. After a fractured opposition was unable to come up with a candidate Bouterse was the only […]

NDP win general election in Suriname

The party led by President Desi Bouterse, the National Democratic Party (NDP) has won Monday’s general election. The NDP took 27 of the 51 seats in the National Assembly to […]

Suriname votes for a new Government

The 51 seats in the National Assembly will be contested in a general election today. The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) is hoping to grab the 26 seats needed for […]

Parliamentary 2015

An election to the National Assembly took place on 25 May 2015. National Democratic Party (Nationale Democratische Partij) 26 V7 18 Progressive Reform Party (Vooruitstrevende Hervormingspartij, VHP), National Party of […]