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Municipal elections today

Uruguay is holding municipal elections today with 19 departments and 112 local governments up for grabs. The centrist National Party (PN) won 12 (+2) departments in 2010 and are hoping […]

IMF completes Article IV consultation with Uruguay

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has completed its Article IV consultation with Uruguay. The full press release as published on the IMF website is as follows; “IMF Executive Board Concludes […]

Cabinet of Uruguay

Danilo Astori Vice-President and Minister of Economy Eduardo Bonomi Minister of Interior Rodolfo Nin Novoa Minister of External Relations Álvaro García Minister of Planning and Budget Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro Minister […]

President-elect Tabaré Vázquez appoints Cabinet

President-elect Tabaré Vázquez has announced the members of his new Cabinet just two days after being elected as the next President of Uruguay. The Central Bank Governor and heads of […]

Tabaré Vázquez elected President

The left-wing Frente Amplio’s (Broad Front) candidate, former President Tabaré Vázquez has emerged as the victor in Uruguay’s second round runoff for the Presidential election. Tabaré Vázquez took 53.6% of […]

Tabaré Vázquez expected to win Presidential election today

The second round of the Presidential election in Uruguay is being held today. In the first round on 26th October the left-wing Frente Amplio’s (Broad Front) candidate, former President Tabaré […]

Presidential 2014

The election took place in two rounds, on 26 October and 30 November 2014. Tabaré Vázquez (Broad Front) 49.45% Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou (National Party) 31.94% Pedro Bordaberry (Colorado Party) […]

Second round expected for Presidential election

Uruguay’s Presidential election is expected to go to a second round which will be held on 30th November following yesterday’s general election. Frente Amplio’s (Broad Front) candidate, former President Tabaré […]

Parliamentary 2014

An election to both houses of the General Assembly took place on 26 October 2014. Senate Broad Front (Frente Amplio) 15 National Party (Partido Nacional) 10 Colorado Party (Partido Colorado) 4 […]

Presidential election expected to go to second round in today’s vote

Uruguay is holding Presidential and Legislative elections today to elect a new President, the 99 seats in the lower house or Chamber of Deputies and 30 seats in the upper […]

Broad Front

The Broad Front or FA was founded on 5th February 1971as a coalition of left-wing parties. It has variously been described as Centre-left and Left-wing reflecting the nature of the […]

National Party

The National Party or PN is also known as the Blancos from the white flag of one of the factions in the 1836-48 civil war although the party itself was […]

Colorado Party

The Colorado Party or Colorados was founded in 1836 and is the most successful party, until recent times, in Uruguay. The party describes itself as Centre-right but, with a number […]

Independent Party

The Independent Party or PI was founded in 2003 to forge an independent way between the left wing Broad Front and the two traditional parties on the right wing. The […]

Second round runoff likely in Presidential election

The latest opinion poll by the Factum Poll completed at the end of September suggests that there will be a second round runoff in November for Uruguay’s Presidential election. The […]