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Mugabe appoints new Ministers

President Robert Mugabe appointed a number of new ministers last weekend. Yesterday he opened parliament for the new session but unfortunately read the wrong speech, delivering the State of the […]

Mugabe reshuffles the pack

President Robert Mugabe has carried out a reshuffle of some of his Cabinet Ministers. The list of those affected is as follows: Nyasha Chikwinya; Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and […]

Zimbabwe Dollar demonetised

President Robert Mugabe has issued Statutory Instrument 70 of 2015 titled: “Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Demonetisation of Notes and Coins) Notice 2015 which demonetises the Zimbabwe dollar in favour of […]

Mugabe sacks more Ministers

As part of his continuing purge of Minister linked to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, President Robert Mugabe has dismissed a further seven ministers. The Ministers involved in the latest sacking […]

Mugabe fills Ministerial posts

President Robert Mugabe has filled the posts of the seven ministers sacked earlier this week. The President had filled the posts of two new Vice-Presidents yesterday and confirmed that Vice-President […]

Emmerson Mnangagwa replaces Joice Mujuru as VP

President Robert Mugabe has appointed Emmerson Mnangagwa to be his new Vice-President in place of Joice Mujuru who was ousted earlier this week. Emmerson Mnangagwa (68) is the former Minister […]

Mugabe sacks VP and Ministers as government disintegration continues

President Robert Mugabe has sacked his Vice-President, seven Ministers and one Deputy Minister as the move for the succession of his role intensifies. The President who is now 90 years […]