Political Parties in Afghanistan

Published 7th February, 2011

Afghanistan does have political parties, some of which have been around for some time. However the current political climate in the country still sees a great deal of flux with parties merging, disappearing and new parties arising at the whim of tribal and other influential leaders.

For this reason we give below a list of some of the political parties but do not propose to give greater detail until the country has completed its current transitional flux.

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• Afghan Social Democratic Party (Afghan Mellat)

• Afghan Social Democratic Party – Shams Faction (Afghan Mellat – Shams faction)

• Afghan Society for the Call to the Koran and Sunna (Jama’at al-Da’wat il’l Qur’an wa Sunnat al-Afghanistan)

• Afghanistan Independence Party (Hizb-e Istiqlal-e Afghanistan)

• Afghanistan’s Islamic Mission Organization (Tanzim-e Dahwat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Afghanistan’s Welfare Party (Hizb-e Refah-e Afghanistan)

• Freedom and Democracy Movement of Afghanistan (Nahzat-e Azadi wa Demokrasi-ye Afghanistan)

• Freedom Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Azadi-ye Afghanistan)

• Freedom Party National Faction (Hizb-e Azadi-ye Bakhsh-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• Homeland Party (Hizb-e Maihan)

• Human Rights Protection and Development Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Ifazat az Hoquq-e Bashar wa Inkeshaf-e Afghanistan)

• Islamic & National Revolutionary Movement of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Harkat-e Inqilabi-ye Islami wa Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic Civilization Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Islami-ye Tamadun-e Afghanistan)

• Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Adalat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Harakat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic People’s Movement of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Harak-e Islami-ye Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• Islamic Rights Advocates Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Itifaq-e Hoquq Khwahan-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic Society of Afghanistan (Jami’at-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• Islamic Unity Party of the People of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami-ye Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• Justice Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Adalat-e Afghanistan)

• Labor and Progress of Afghanistan Party (Hizb-e Kar wa Tawse’a-e Afghanistan)

• Moderate Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e E’tidal-e Afghanistan)

• National Congress Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Kongra-ye Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Islamic Fighters Party of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Da Melli Mubarizinu Islami Gond)

• National Islamic Front of Afghanistan (Mahaz-e Melli-ye Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Junbish-e-Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Wahdat-e Melli-ye Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• National Liberation Front of Afghanistan (Jabha-e Melli-ye Nijat-e Afghanistan)

• National Movement of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Nahzat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Peace & Islamic Party of the Tribes of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Sulh-e Melli-ye Islami-ye Aqwam-e Afghanistan)

• National Peace & Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Sulh wa Wahdat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Peace Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Da Solay Melli Islami Gond)

• National Peace Movement of Afghanistan (Nahzat-e Melli Sulh-e Afghanistan)

• National Prosperity and Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Sahadat-e Melli wa Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• National Prosperity Party (Hizb-e Refah-e Melli)

• National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan (Nahzat-e Hambastagi-ye Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Paiwand-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• National Stability Party (Hizb-e Subat-e Melli)

• National Tribal Unity Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Melli-ye Wahdat-e Aqwam-e Islami-ye Afghanistan)

• National Unity Movement (Tahrik-e Wahdat-e Melli)

• National Unity Movement of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Harakat-e Melli-ye Wahdat-e Afghanistan)

• National Unity Party (Hizb-e Mutahid-e Melli)

• National Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Wahdat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan)

• New Afghanistan Party (Hezb-e-Afghanistan Naween)

• Party of Islam (Hizb-e Islami)

• Party of Islam (Hizb-e Islami – Khalis faction)

• Peace and National Welfare Activists Society (Majmah-e Melli-ye Fahalin-e Sulh-e Afghanistan)

• Peace Movement (Da Afghanistan Da Solay Ghorzang Gond)

• People’s Aspirations Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Arman-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Liberal Freedom Seekers Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Libral-e Azadi-ye Khwa-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Message Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Risalat-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Prosperity Party of Afganistan (Hizb-e Falah-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Sovereignty Movement of Afghanistan (Nahzat-e Hakimyat-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Uprising Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Rastakhaiz-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Welfare Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Sahadat-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• People’s Welfare Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Refah-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)

• Public Opinion Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Afkar-e Ama-ye Afghanistan)

• Republican Party (Hizb-e Jamhuri Khwahan)

• Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Hambastagi Afghanistan)

• United Afghanistan Party (Hizb-e Afghanistan-e Wahid)

• Understanding and Democracy Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Tafahum-e wa Demokrasi-ye Afghanistan)

• Young Afghanistan’s Islamic Organization (Sazman-e Islami-ye Afghanistan-e Jawan)

• Youth Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Hambastagi-ye Melli-ye Jawanan-e Afghanistan)


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