Republican Party of Albania

Published 28th June, 2013

The Republican Party of Albania or PR was founded in 1991 by Sabri Godo with the support of the Italian Republican party. It describes itself as Right-wing and believes in National conservatism and Pro-Europeanism.

In the 1992 general election the party won one seat and joined the Democratic Party coalition government. The party split in two after their 1992 congress but in the 1996 election were able to increase their vote, winning three seats but in 1997 was reduced to one seat.

For the 2001 elections the party joined the Union for Victory Coalition under the leadership of the Democratic Party which won 46 seats. In 2005 the party did well in the proportional part of the elections and won 11 seats but in 2009, although part of the winning Alliance of Change coalition, they won only one seat.

In 2013 the party was once more a member of the Democratic Party led alliance this time called the Alliance for Employment, Prosperity and Integration which lost the election, but they appear to have retained four seats.

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