Unity for Human Rights Party

Published 28th June, 2013

The Unity for Human Rights Party or PBDNJ was officially registered on 24th February 1992 to represent Albania’s ethnic Greek population mainly in the south of the country. The party describes itself as Centrist and believes in Minority politics, Social liberalism and Civic Nationalism.

The party describes itself as the political continuation of the Democratic Union of the Greek Minority (OMONIA) which won five seats in the 1991 general election but which was subsequently banned following deteriorating relations between Albania and Greece at the time.

In 1992 the new party won two seats and increased that to three in 1996. In 1997 they joined the Socialist led government after winning four seats but dropped back to three seats in 2001 and then to two seats in 2005. In 2009 the party’s bad fortunes continued and they were reduced to one seat.

In 2013 the party joined the Socialist led Alliance for a European Albania which won the general election and the PBDNJ appears to have retained its one seat.

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