Movement for the Society of Peace

Published 2nd May, 2012

The Movement for the Society of Peace or MSP was founded in 1990 as the Movement for an Islamic Society (Hamas). The party describes itself as centre-right and believes in Islamism and Islamic democracy. Whilst it advocates a gradual creation of an Islamic state it holds respect for individual liberties and the democratic process.

In its first electoral outing in 1991 the party failed to win a seat, but in 1997 they managed to take 69 seats. Their leader in the 1995 presidential election campaign took 25.4% of the vote.

The party renamed itself with its current name, the Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP) in 1996 and in the June 1997 election they took 69 seats in the 231 seat People’s National Assembly. The party entered into a coalition government with the National Rally for Democracy.

In the 1999 presidential election their leader, Sheikh Nahnah was barred from standing and the party decided to support the successful candidacy of Abdelaziz Bouteflika of the FLN.

In 2002 the party did less well and won just 38 seats in the 389 seat People’s National Assembly. In 2007 they won a few extra seats to take 52 seats in the new parliament and following their deal with the other two parties, the FLN and RND in 2004 they formed a three party alliance known as the ‘Presidential Alliance’.

The Movement for the Society of Peace is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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