National Rally for Democracy

Published 2nd May, 2012

The National Rally for Democracy or RND was founded in March 1997 by supporters of the then President Liamine Zérroual. The party does not appear to have any particular leaning other than to be a vehicle for the ruling establishment or a ‘party of government’.

In its first election in 1997 the party won 156 seats in the 231 seat People’s National Assembly. Critics say that this had more to do with ties to the administration than popular appeal. They entered into a coalition with the National Liberation Front (FLN) and Movement of Society for Peace (MSP).

In 2002 the party dropped to 47 seats with the National Liberation Front winning back its previous long standing majority. In 2007 the RND 61 seats and following their deal with the other two parties, the FLN and MSP in 2004 they formed a three party alliance known as the ‘Presidential Alliance’.

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