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Civic Coalition  (Coalición Cívica)

The Civic Coalition was founded in 2007 by Elisa Carrió, a former UCR politician, to encompass a number of political groupings including Support for an Egalitarian Republic (ARI), Union for […] more ->

Front for Victory  (Frente para la Victoria)

The Front for Victory or FPV was founded in 2003 as a faction of the Justicialist Party (JP), a Perónist party. The party is on the left wing of the […] more ->

Justicialist Party  (Partido Justicialista)

The Justicialist Party or PJ was founded in 1945 by Juan and Evita Perón and was formerly the Justicialist Nationalist Movement. It describes its ideology as Peronist, populism, nationalism and […] more ->

Radical Civic Union (Unión Cívica Radical)

The Radical Civic Union or UCR is the oldest political party in Argentina and it remains a major force in the politics of the country. It was founded in 1890 […] more ->

Republican Proposal  (Propuesta Republicana)

The Republican Proposal or PRO was founded in 2005 as an alliance between Commitment to Change a largely Buenos Aires based party and Recreate for Growth both of which are […] more ->

Socialist Party (Partido Socialista)

The Socialist Party or PS can trace its history back to the 1896 when the original Socialist Party was formed. However, the modern version was founded in 2003 by the […] more ->

Minor Parties

Argentina has a number of coalitions and political groupings. Regional parties can have completely different names to their national counterparts which makes tracking of elections difficult. There are around 73 […] more ->