Civic Coalition

Published 19th September, 2011

The Civic Coalition was founded in 2007 by Elisa CarriĆ³, a former UCR politician, to encompass a number of political groupings including Support for an Egalitarian Republic (ARI), Union for All (UPT) and Generation for a National Encounter (GEN). It describes itself as a centrist grouping based on Social Liberalism.

In the 2007 election Elisa CarriĆ³ was the groupings presidential candidate and came second with 23.04% of the vote. The so called Civic Coalition Federation also came second in the Chamber of Deputies election where they won 19 of the 130 seats and four of the 24 Senator seats up for election.

The grouping saw some splits in 2008 when former members formed a new party, Solidarity and Equality (SI).

In 2009 the grouping re-founded itself as a party called Civic Coalition ARI (CC-ARI) and at the time were part of the Civic and Social Agreement, but subsequently left the coalition in 2010.

Currently they have 19 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and one seat in the Senate.

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