Front for Victory

Published 19th September, 2011

The Front for Victory or FPV was founded in 2003 as a faction of the Justicialist Party (JP), a Perónist party. The party is on the left wing of the JP and was founded by Néstor Kirchner who subsequently became president. Ideologically the party describes itself as left wing Perónist, Kirchnerist and Social Democratic.

Kirchner decided not to stand in 2007 and his wife Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner took over, winning in the presidential elections of that year and taking 45.29% of the vote. The party also did well in the legislative elections.

In 2009 the JP along with its FPV faction lost their absolute majority in both houses of Congress.

Néstor Kirchner died in 2010 with a great deal of public outpouring of sympathy for his wife who has worn black ever since. In primary elections on 14th August 2011 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner took 49.3% of the vote in pre-presidential election primaries with her closest rival on 13.3%.

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