Cabinet of Argentina

Marcos Peña Chief of Cabinet
Alfonso Prat-Gay Minister of Treasury and Finance
Rogelio Frigerio Minister of the Interior
Patricia Bullrich Minister of Security
Germán Garavano Minister of Justice
Julio Martínez Minister of Defence
Juan José Aranguren Minister of Energy and Mining
Guillermo Dietrich Minister of Transportation
Ricardo Buryaile Minister of Agriculture
Francisco Cabrera Minister of Production
Jorge Triaca Minister of Labour
Gustavo Santos Minister of Tourism
Jorge Lemus Minister of Health
Carolina Stanley Minister of Social Development
Susana Malcorra Minister of Foreign Affairs
Esteban Bullrich Minister of Education
Lino Barañao Minister of Science and Technology
Sergio Bergman Minister of Environment
Andrés Ibarra Minister of Modernisation
Pablo Avelluto Minister of Culture
Oscar Aguad Minister of Communication
Federico Sturzenegger President of the Central Bank
Jorge Melconian President of Banco Nación
Alberto Abad Head of the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP)
Fernando de Andreis Secretary General to the Presidency
Hernán Lombardi Head of Public Media
Miguel de Godoy Head of the Federal Authority of Audio-visual Communication Services (AFSCA)
Eugenio Burzaco Secretary of Homeland Security
José Cano Director of Belgrano Plan
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