Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Published 2nd April, 2012

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation or HYD (also ARF) was founded in 1890. You may see it referred to as Dashnaktsutiun or Dashnak. It was banned in 1920 by the Bolsheviks but was re-formed in 1990. It describes itself as centre-left and believes in socialism and left-wing nationalism. The party campaigns for the establishment of a Greater Armenia based upon the Treaty of Sèvres which was signed between the Ottomans and Allies in 1920.

In 1917 the party had been core to the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Armenia but most of its leaders were exiled when the communists took over in 1921.

The party was a strong critic of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and in 1994 it was suspended by presidential decree and therefore did not participate in the 1995 general election.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation backed the successful candidacy of Robert Kocharyan in 1998 and in 1999 it secured nine seats in the general election. It went on to join the coalition government of the day.

In 2003 the party won 11 of the 131 seats in the National Assembly and in 2007 that went up to 16 seats. In 2008 the party briefly joined the ruling coalition, but left again in 2009 to become part of the official opposition.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is a member of Socialist International.

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