Republican Party of Armenia

Published 2nd April, 2012

The Republican Party of Armenia or HHK was founded in 1990 by a moderate faction of the National Self-Determination Union. The party describes itself as centre-right and believes in national conservatism and Armenian nationalism.

The party was part of the Republican Bloc in 1995 which won 88 of the 190 seats in that election. In the next election in 1999 they joined another alliance, the Unity Bloc, joining forces with the People’s Party of Armenia (HZhK) which won 62 of the 131 seats in the National Assembly.

Vazgen Sargsyan, leader of the Republican Party became the new prime minister on 11th June 1999, but on 27th October 1999 he was one of eight political leaders who were assassinated in the National Assembly by gunmen. He was succeeded by his younger brother Aram Sargsyan.

In May 2000 Aram Sargsyan was dismissed by President Kocharyan and split from the party to form another political party called Republic.

Meanwhile, in 2003 the HHK supported the re-election of President Robert Kocharyan who won with 67.45% of the vote. In turn the HHK remained the largest party in the National Assembly after the 2003 general election, taking 33 seats.

In 2007 the party did even better, taking 64 seats and their former prime minister, Serzh Sargsyan, won the presidential election in 2008 with 52.82% of the vote.

The Republican Party of Armenia is an observer party of the European People’s Party (EPP).

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