Rule of Law

Published 2nd April, 2012

The Rule of Law or OEK was founded in March 1988 by Artur Baghdasarian. It describes itself as centrist and believes in Centrism.

The party supported the candidacy of Robert Kocharyan in 1998 and subsequently became a core supporter of the president.

In the 1999 general election the party took six of the 131 seats in the National Assembly, making it the fifth largest party in the parliament. In 2003 the party did even better, taking 19 seats and becoming the third largest party in the new parliament.

In 2007 their fortunes fell and they managed to secure only nine seats in the 131 seat National Assembly, but they joined with the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) to form a coalition government.

The Rule of Law is a member of the Centrist Democrat International and also an observer party of the European People’s Party (EPP).

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