National Council of Democratic Forces

Published 10th October, 2013

The National Council of Democratic Forces was established on 7th June 2013 primarily to bring together as much of the opposition to incumbent President Ilham Aliyev as possible.

In the 2013 presidential elections its candidate, Camil Hasanli, took 5.27% of the vote.

The coalition published a declaration upon its formation which is given below along with the names of 129 signatories:

“Declaration and the Founders of the National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan

We, the undersigned politicians, intelligentsia, representatives of civil society and active youth by signing this Declaration state that there has been established authoritarian and dynasty regime in recent decades in Azerbaijan, where 95 years ago the first democratic republic was constituted in the whole East and the Muslim world.

The people nevertheless, possess the rights to establish a political power based on the fundamental principles of the Constitution, none of the bodies of the power has been freely and transparently elected. Since 1993, all the elections during 20 years have been far away from the democratic principles, and all presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections have been falsified and trigged. As it is always stated in majority of reports of international organizations and governments, the people of Azerbaijan have been deprived of the right to change its government and parliament through elections.

The policy pursued by the current regime on the resolution of Armenia- Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and liberation of occupied lands during 20 years failed and brought to no positive result. The wrong and unskilled foreign policy of the government resulted in the isolation of our country in international arena. Instead of liberating the occupied lands, conducting the political, economic and judicial reforms, it created a perfect system of corruption and bribery network and as a result Azerbaijan has become a territory to be governed by the rules of that network.

The fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens stipulated in the Constitution, including social, political, economic, private and property rights are being massively violated and continuously breeched upon. The political regime suppresses its opponents and dissent voice by unconstitutional and illegal means. The regime arrests them by fake and fabricated criminal cases, undermines their authority by slandering and libelling, creates barriers for the activity of oppositional political parties, independent NGOs and religious organizations, in addition totally restricts the freedom of assembly. The practical experience of the latest years proves that the fabricated drug charges are routine criminal cases and have become a major method to arrest the active youth and religious people.

The independent judiciary lacks in the country. The judiciary system and law-enforcement bodies have become a repression weapon against the people by the regime. In such a situation, based on the domestic and external reasons, the struggle fought by the democratic forces gave no positive result.

For to achieve the democratic transition of the country, the unity of all the democratic forces under one umbrella have become a necessity.

Taking into consideration the above said,

• to ensure the peaceful transition of Azerbaijan from authoritarianism to democracy via elections;
• to maintain the stability of the country during the democratic transition by the joined efforts;
• to establish the rule of law, ensure human rights and freedoms, and create the basis for the nation’s sustainable and all-sided development;
• to preserve the independence and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, to ensure the territorial integrity,

We, the undersigned, declare to unite in the civil movement – the National Council of the Democratic Forces (hereafter as the National Council).

We declare that being in compliance with the Article I of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, saying “The sole source of state power in the Azerbaijan Republic is the people of Azerbaijan”, our main objective is to ensure the people to be the sole source of state power and return the seized power back to them.

To achieve this objective, the National Council will participate in the coming presidential elections as a united force and unique platform. The national Council will try to mobilize all the democratic forces and assist the active citizens to get organized and fight orderly for free, fair and just elections. The National Council as a democratic alternative to authoritarian regime will agree and introduce the packet of reforms on political, judiciary, economic and social issues.

The National Council in the case of its candidate’s victory at the elections will implement the following reforms during the two years of transition period:

To restrict the presidential powers and achieve the real balance among the legislative, executive and judiciary bodies of the state power;

• To regulate the formation of the government by the parliamentary majority;

• To ensure the proportional and majority election systems (50% majority, 50% proportional);

• To lead reforms for decentralization of the management and prepare the new Constitutional draft and put it on the general referendum for to achieve judicial reforms;

• To hold new parliamentary, presidential and municipal elections on the terms of the new Constitution.

The foreign policy priorities of the National Council will be the fair resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh on the norms of international law and principles, liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani lands, restoration of the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, the fruitful mutual equal cooperation with all the international partners, implementation of all the state obligations within the international agreements and integration into the single family of the European nations.

Upon the completion of the transition period, after holding the free and just presidential and parliamentary elections, all the issues of integration, including that of Euro-Atlantic would be solved by the general referendum.

The National Council will only employ the peaceful means to achieve its program goals, and be guided by the Constitution, legislation and principles of the international law.


7 June 2013

1.Aghil Semedbeyli – chairman of Supreme Council of the Whole Azerbaijan Union
2.Akif Huseynov – co-founder of Civil Movement Forum, NGO chairman, human rights defender
3.Akif Shahbazov – former MP
4.Anar Nifteliyev – Columnist
5.Arif Hajili – head of central apparatus of Musavat party, former state councilor, former MP voting for the independence, former prisoner of conscience
6.Arif İsmayilbeyli – deputy-chairman of Civil Solidarity party
7.Arzu Abdullayeva- co-chairwoman of international Helsinki Committee, human rights defender
8.Arzu Semedbeyli – chairman of Musavat party’s Assembly, former MP
9.Asif Shekerli – secretary of Supreme Assembly of Civil Solidarity party
10.Asef Guliyev – deputy-chairman of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), former prisoner of conscience
11.Aytekin İmranova – chairman of Islam democracy and human rights, co-chairwoman of NGO Committee “Property is Sacred”
12.Beybala Ebil – Classic Popular Front Party (CPFP)
13.Jemil Haciyev – chairman of Youth organization
14.Jemil Hesenli – Member of Coordination Council of “Forum of Intelligentsia”, historian scientist, former MP
15.Eldar Eliyev – Research fellow at the institute of economy of the National Academy of Sciences
16.Eldar Namazov – chairman of “EL” Movement, member of Coordination Council of “Forum of Intelligentsia”, former head of Azerbaijan President’s Secretariat, former MP
17.Elchin Manafov – deputy-chairman of Islam party, now acting chairman
18.Eldar Muradov – deputy-chairman of Liberal Party of Azerbaijan (LPA), retired colonel, former chief of Baku Municipal Police, Afganistan and Karabakh war veteran, twice cavalry of Red Star, former political prisoner
19.Eldeniz Guliyev – chairman of “Union of Intelligentsia”, member of Coordination Council of “Forum of Intelligentsia”, chairman of Supreme Assembly of “EL” Movement, movie and play righter
20.Elxan Mehdiyev – political scientist
21.Elman Memmedzade – chairman of LPA executive committee
22.Elshad Musayev – chairman of Great Azerbaijan party
23.Emin Milli – blogger, former prisoner of conscience
24.Ebulfez Gurbanly – representative of new Youth Movement
25.Edalet Tahirzade – writer, former deputy-minister
26.Edalet Yusubov – Karabakh war veteran, member of Coordination Council of the Public Chamber, former head of the local government
27.Eli Abbasov – professor, former director of Institute of Philosophy and Law at the National Academy of Sciences
28.Eli Kerimli – PFPA chairman, former secretary of state, former MP
29.Ennaghi Hajibeyli – president of Lawyers’ Forum
30.Evez Temirkhan – LPA chairman, lawyer
31.Faig Rzayev—deputy-chairman of Open Society party (OSP)
32.Felmar Elekberli – chairman of control commission at Civil Solidarity party, former director of Baku wheel plant
33.Fuad Agayev – lawyer, founder of “law House” NGO
34.Fuad Gahramanly – deputy-chairman of PFPA, political scientist, former prisoner of conscience
35.Gozel Bayramli- deputy-chairman of PFPA
36.Gulaga Aslanli – Doctor of Philosophy on physics and mathematics, former member of Central Election Commission, member of European Political Science Association
37.Gulnare Gurbanova – former MP
38.Gultekin Hajibeyli – former MP, member of Coordination Council of “Forum of Intellegentsia”
39.Haji Abgul Suleymanov – religious scientist, political prisoner at the moment
40.Haji Movsum Semedov – chairman of Islam Party of Azerbaijan, prisoner of conscience
41.Haji Taleh Bagirov- religious scientist, prisoner of conscience
42.Haji Rovshen Ehmedli – chairman of Resistance Movement for Free Karabakh
43.Haji Zakir Guliyev— activist of National Liberation Movement, one of the founders of Unions of Baku Villages
44.Hajiaga Dadashov – economist, member of LPA political Council
45.Hajibaba Ezimov – professor, former MP who voted for the independence, chairman of Whole Azerbaijan National Union party
46.Hesen Kerimov – chairman of PFPA Supreme Council, former head of local government
47.Hikmet Ebdulezizov – N!DA civil movement
48.Huseyn Huseynov – Justice general, former prosecutor general of the Nakhicheavn Autonomus Republic and former MP
49.Khezer Teyyublu— deputy-chairman of CPFP, former political prisoner
50.Xurshud Abbasova – chairman of women rights protection society named “Sara Xatun”
51.İbrahim İbrahimli – former MP who voted for the independence, non-partisan politician, former prisoner
52.İkram İsrafil—former MP
53.İlkin Rustemzade – blogger, prisoner of conscience
54.İlham Baratov – research fellow of Cosmic Studies Institute
55.İlham Huseyn – deputy-chairman of “EL” movement on PR, former head of local government
56.İlham Murtuzayev – doctor of philosophy, member of LPA political Council
57.İsa Gambar – head of Musavat party, former MP who voted for the independence, former speaker of parliament
58.İskender Hemidov – former MP who voted for the independence, former minister of internal affairs
59.İsmayil Eliesgerli – member of LPA political council, doctor of Philosophy, former dean of Sumgayit State University, former political prisoner
60.Kamal Emrahov – professor
61.Kamil Veli Nerimanoglu—professor, philologist
62.Kerbalayi Natig Kerimov – chairman of “Nardaran Elder’s Council”
63.Kocheri Naghibeyli – member of coordination council of public chamber, chairman of “Deportation” center, deputy-chairman of “EL” movement on organizational affairs
64.Galibe Budagova – chairwoman of National Hero Families’ Society
65.Gelender Mukhtarli – chairman of Azerbaijan Democratic Nationalist party, member of coordination council of the public chamber
66.Gubad İbadoglu – doctor of philosophy on economics, chairman of Center for Public Initiatives, National Coordinator of the EU EaP CSF in Azerbaijan, international EITI board member
67.Gulamhuseyn Elibeyli – chairman of Aydinlar Party, former MP
68.Gurban Memmedov – lawyer, former and present political prisoner
69.Lale Shovket – LPA chairwoman, former secretary of state, former MP
70.Leyla Eliyeva – political scientist, center for national and international studies, member of coordination council of the public chamber
71.Leyla Yunus – human rights defender, director of the institute for peace and democracy, winner of Legion of Honor of France and German Theodore Hacker award winner
72.Logman Abdullayev— member of CPFA Supreme Council, former head of local government
73.Mahmud Hajiyev – expert-criminalist, colonel-lieutenant, former police chief
74.Mejid Merjanli – member of Board at “Free Youth” organization
75.Mirmahmud Mirelioglu – chairman of CPFP, former MP
76.Mirvari Gahramanly – human rights defender, chairwoman of Oil Workers’ Rights Protection committee, member of coordination council of the public chamber
77.Mehdibey Seferov – chairman of “Azeri-Talysh” Union
78.Mehman Javadoglu – deputy-chairman of Musavat party, journalist, former editor in cheif of “Azerbaijan” newspaper
79.Mehman Eliyev – journalist, director of “Turan” Information Agency
80.Mehriban Vezir – writer, director of Azerbaijan Women’s Political Culture Center, member of coordination council of the public chamber
81.Musa Yagub – poet, member of coordination council of the “Forum of Intelligentsia”
82.Mustafa Hajibeyli – editor-in chief of “Demokrat” newspaper, Karabakh war veteran
83.Namized Seferov – lawyer
84.Nemet Eliyev – economist, chairman of Agricultural commission at the public chamber
85.Natig Edilov –columnist, blogger, former prisoner
86. Nesimi Eliyev – chairman of LPA youth organization
87.Nizami Elekberli— member of CPFP management board, Karabakh war veteran, political prisoner
88.Novella Jeferoglu – human rights defender, chairwoman of Women’s Rights Protection Society named after D. Aliyeva, State Department award winner, Marshall Fund award winner
89.Nureddin Memmedli – doctor of philosophy of biology, former member of Attestation Commission under the president of Azerbaijan
90.Nureddin Mustafayev – political figure
91.Osman Kazimov – lawyer, advocate
92.Ogtay Gulaliyev, – coordinator of “Kur” Civil Society, former prisoner of conscience
93.Rahim Bagirov— deputy-chairman of “EL” movement’s supreme council, former head of local government
94.Rafig Manafli— chairman of Supreme Council of civil solidarity party
95.Rahim Hajiyev – first deputy of “Azadliq” newspaper editor-in chief, member of the coordination council of the public chamber
96.Ramin Huseynov – N!DA civil movement
97.Ramiz Mirzeoglu (Haci) —former prisoner of conscience
98.Razi Nurullayev – head of “Region” International Analytical Center, expert on international affairs
99.Rasul Guliyev – OSP leader, former speaker of parliament
100.Rashad Hasanov – member of the “NIDA” Management Board, prisoner of Conscience
101.Rashadet Akhundov- member of the “NIDA” Management Board, prisoner of Conscience
102.Rashid Hajili – lawyer, head of “Press Rights’ Institute”
103.Rovshan Almuradli – producer
104.Rustam Imbrahimbayov screenwriter, dramatist and producer, the founder of the “Forum of Intelligentsia”, “Oscar” award winner
105.Samir Asadli- Deputy-chairman on organizational affairs of the Civic Solidarity Party.
106.Sahib Karimov- member of the presidium of the PFPA, former prisoner of Conscience
107.Seymur Hazi – The editor-in chief ” Azerbaijan Hours” TV Show, columnist, blogger
108.Sakhavat Soltanli – Blogger
109.Solmaz Alasgarli – former MP
110.Solmaz Huseynova – Doctor of Philosophy on the Technical Science, women activist
111.Sulhaddin Akbar – former MP who voted for the independence, OSP chairman
112.Shahin Hasanli – member of the presidium of the PFPA, former prisoner of conscience
113.Shavalad Chobanoglu – columnist, lawyer
114.Tofig Huseynov – former Minister of Agriculture
115.Tofig Karimov – deputy-chairman of LPA, formerly teaching at the University of Technique
116.Tofihg Yagublu – Karabakh war veteran, columnist, former prisoner of conscience
117.Tural Abbasli – chairman of the Musavat Youth Organization, former prisoner of conscience.
118.Ulvu Hasanli- chairman of Independent Youth Organization
119.Uzeyir Mammadli – member of the “NIDA” Management Board, prisoner of conscience
120.Vagif Mahmudov – OSP deputy-chairman
121.Vaghif Seyidzade – OSP deputy-chairman
122.Vafa Jumshudlu – Women Movement
123.Vidadi Mirkamal – Justice General, member of the Co-ordination Council of the Public Chamber
124.Vurgun Ayyub—ex-chairman of the State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan
125.Yashar Jafarly – an army colonel-in-reserve and director of the Public Union of Officers in Reserve, martial expert
126.Yusif Agayev – ex martial prosecutor general of the Karabakh Autonomous Oblast, justice adviser
127.Zahid Aliyev— chairman of Board at Professional box federation of Azerbaijan, coach
128.Zafar Guliyev – member of coordination council of the public chamber, member of coordination council of the “Forum on Intelligentsia”, political scientist
129.Zamina Dunyamaliyeva – former MP, chairwoman of OSP Supreme Assembly.

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