Cabinet of Belarus

Andrei Kobyakov Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus
Alexander N. Kosinets Head of the Presidential Administration
Leonid V. Anfimov Chairman of the State Control Committee
Vasily S. Matyushevsky First Deputy Prime Minister
Anatoly N. Kalinin Deputy Prime Minister
Natalya I. Kochanova Deputy Prime Minister
Mikhail I. Rusyi Deputy Prime Minister
Vladimir I. Semashko Deputy Prime Minister
Vladimir I. Zinovsky Minister of Economy
Vladimir V. Amarin Minister of Finance
Vladimir V. Makey Minister of Foreign Affairs
Leonid K. Zayats Minister of Agriculture and Food
Anatoly B. Cherny Minister of Architecture and Construction
Sergei P. Popkov Minister of Communication and Information
Boris V. Svetlov Minister of Culture
Andrei A. Ravkov Minister of Defence
Mihail A. Zhuravkov Minister of Education
Vladimir A. Vashchenko Minister of Emergency Situations
Vladimir N. Potupchik Minister of Energy
Mikhail M. Amelianovich Minister of Forestry
Vasily I. Zharko Minister of Public Health
Alexandr A. Terekhov Minister of Housing and Communal Services
Vitaly M. Vovk Minister of Industry
Liliya S. Ananich Minister of Information
Igor A. Shunevich Minister of Internal Affairs
Oleg L. Slizhevsky Minister of Justice
Marianna A. Shchetkina Minister of Labour and Social Protection
Andrei M. Kovkhuto Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Sergey E. Nalivaiko Minister of Tax Collection
Vladimir V. Koltovich Minister of Trade
Anatoly A. Sivak Minister of Transport and Communications
Alexander I. Shamko Minister of Sports and Tourism
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