Political Parties in Belgium

Published 11th February, 2011

Below is a list of political parties in Belgium. Parties tend to be split along linguistic lines and this is represented in the list below. This is a preliminary list and will be followed by a more detailed history of the parties.


Christian-Democratic and Flemish (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams) (CD&V)
Green (Groen)
List Dedecker (Lijst Dedecker) (LDD)
New Flemish Alliance (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie) (N-VA)
Open VLD — an alliance of:
• Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten) (VLD)
• Liberal Appeal (Liberaal Appèl)
• For Individual Freedom and Work in a New Future (Vivant) (Bilingual party)
Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij Anders) (SP.A)


Humanist Democratic Centre (Centre Démocrate Humaniste) (CdH)
Reformist Movement (Mouvement Réformateur) (MR) – an alliance of:
• Liberal Reformist Party (Parti Réformateur Libéral) (PRL)
• Citizens’ Movement for Change (Mouvement des Citoyens pour le Changement) (MCC)
• Francophone Democratic Federalists (Fédéralistes Démocrates Francophones) (FDF)
• Party for Liberty and Progress (Partei für Freiheit und Fortschritt) (PFF)
National Front (Front National) (FN)
Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste) (PS)


Christian Social Party (Christlich Soziale Partei) (CSP)
Party for Freedom and Progress (Partei für Freiheit und Fortschritt) (PFF)
Party of German-speaking Belgians (ProDG)

Minor parties


Belgian Union (Belgische Unie – Union Belge) (BUB)
Club républicain wallon pour l’Indépendance, la Dignité et la Liberté de la Wallonie
Committee for Another Policy (Comité voor een Andere Politiek – Comité pour une Autre Politique (CAP)
New Front of Belgium (Front nouveau de Belgique) (FNB)
International Resistance (Internationaal Verzet – Résistance Internationale)
International Workers’ League (Internationale Arbeidersliga – Ligue Internationale des Travailleurs)
Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue communiste révolutionnaire – Socialistische Arbeiderspartij (LCR-SAP)
Left Socialist Party (Linkse Socialistische Partij – Parti Socialiste de Lutte) (LSP-PSL)
Rassemblement Wallonie-France
Humanist Party (Parti Humaniste – Humanistische Party) (PH-HP)
Workers Party of Belgium (Partij van de Arbeid van België – Parti du Travail de Belgique) (PVDA-PTB)


Communist Party (Kommunistische Partij) (KP)
Muslim Democratic Party (Moslim Democratische Partij) (MDP)
Natural Law Party (Natuurwetpartij) (NWP)
New Christian Democrats (Nieuwe Christen-Democraten) (NCD)
Communist Party (Parti Communiste) (PC)
Social-Liberal Democrats (Sociaal-Liberale Democraten) (SoLiDe)
Safe Blue (Veilig Blauw)

Source: Wikipedia

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