Action Front for Renewal and Development

Published 31st January, 2011

This alliance was part of the Presidential Movement (Mouvance Presidentielle) of the 2003 presidential election.

Founded in 1994 this party was formed as part of the anti-Soglo group of parties standing in the 1995 elections. In the National Assembly elections of 1995 FARD-ALAFIA won 14 seats.

The party supported the candidacy of Mathieu Kérékou in the 1996 presidential election which he won in the second ballot. Kérékou stood again in 2001 and received 84.1% of the vote in the second round. However, this election was controversial and the second and third highest scoring candidates in the first round boycotted the second round because they complained of electoral fraud.

In the 1999 general election FARD-ALAFIA took ten seats and in 2003 they contested the election as part of the Union for the Future of Benin (Presidential Movement) which won 31 out of the 81 seats in the National Assembly.

Their candidate in the presidential election of 2006, David Tawéma came twelfth out of 26 candidates standing with 0.60% of the vote.

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