Minor Parties

Published 31st January, 2011

Benin has a large number of political parties which appear at election time but may not last beyond an election. Listed below are those of which we are aware:

African Congress for Renewal (DUNYA)
African Movement for Democracy and Progress (MADEP)
Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
Alliance of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)
National Union for Solidarity and Progress (UNSP)
Cameleon Alliance (AC)
Coalition of Democratic Forces
Communist Party of Benin (PCB);
Hope Force (Force Espoir)
Liberal Democrats’ Rally for National Reconstruction-Vivoten (Rassemblement des Démocrates Libéraux pour la Reconstruction nationale)
Movement for Citizens’ Commitment and Awakening (MERCI)
Movement for the People’s Alternative (Mouvement pour une Alternative du Peuple)
New Generation for the Republic (NGR)
Our Common Cause (NCC)
Parti Démocratique du Bénin (PDB)
Rally for Democracy and Pan-Africanism (RDP)
Union for Homeland and Labour (UPT)
Union for National Democracy and Solidarity (UDS)

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