Renaissance Party of Benin

Published 31st January, 2011

The RB (also known as the Benin Rebirth Party) was formed in 1992 as a new political base for President Nicéphore Soglo who was President from 1991 – 1996.

In the 1995 general election the RB took 21 of the 83 National Assembly seats and in 1999 they took 27 seats.

In 1996 Nicéphore Soglo narrowly lost the Presidency to Mathieu Kérékou. In 2001 Soglo came second to Kérékou in the first round but boycotted the second round of the election.

In the March 2003 general election the RB won 15 of the 83 seats in the National Assembly and in 2007 the party stood as part of the Alliance for a Dynamic Democracy which won 20 seats.

In the 2006 presidential election Nicéphore Soglo was barred from standing because of the constitutional age limit of 70 years for candidates. However, his son, Lehady Soglo stood and came fourth in the first round with 7.92% of the vote.

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