Social Democratic Party

Published 31st January, 2011

This alliance was part of the Presidential Movement (Mouvance Presidentielle) of the 2003 presidential election.

This party was formed on the introduction of multi-partyism in 1990. It contested the 1991 elections in alliance with the National Union for Solidarity and Progress and won eight seats of the 64 in the National Assembly. In 1995 they retained their eight seats and in 1999 won nine seats but in an enlarged National Assembly of 83 seats.

The PSD’s first congress was held in 2000 and they elected Bruno Amoussou as their President. Mr Amoussou went on to fight the 2001 presidential election for the PSD and was placed fourth in the first round with 8.6% of the vote. Because the second and third place candidates boycotted the second round, Mr Amoussou fought the second round and received 15.9% of the vote.

The PSD fought the 2993 general election as part of the Union for Future Benin (Presidential Movement) which won 31 seats.

In the 2006 presidential election Bruno Amoussou stood again and came third in the first round with 16.29% of the vote.

In the March 2007 Assembly election the PSD stood as part of the Alliance for a Dynamic Democracy (Alliance pour une Dynamique Démocratie) which won 20 seats in the 83 seat National Assembly.

The Social Democratic Party is a full member of the Socialist International.

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