Cabinet of Benin

Pascal Irénée Koupaki Minister of State, Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic
Abdoulaye Bio Tchane Minister of State for Planning and Development
Joseph Djogbenou Minister of Justice and Legislation and Keeper of the Seals
Aurélien Agbenonci Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Romuald Wadagni Minister of Economy and Finance
Sacca Lafia Minister of the Interior and Public Security
Delphin Oloronto Kouzande Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Barnabé Z. Dassigli Minister of Decentralization and Local Governance
Adidjatou A. Mathys Minister of Labour, Public Service and Social Affairs
Alassane Séïdou Minister of Health
Marie-Odile Attanasso Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Lucien Kokou Minister of Secondary, Technical and Vocational Training
Karimou Salimane Minister of Maternal and Primary Lessons
Rafiatou Monrou Minister of Digital Economy and Communication
Hervé Hehomey Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
Lazare C. Sehoueto Minister of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts
Dona Jean-Claude Houssou Minister of Energy, Water and Mines
José Didier Tonato Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development
Ange N’nkoue Minister of Tourism and Culture
Oswald Homeky Minister of Sports
Candide Armand-Marie Azannai Minister Delegate to the President of the Republic, Head of National Defence
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