Botswana Congress Party

Published 8th October, 2014

The Botswana Congress Party or BCP was founded in July 1998 as a split from the Botswana National Front (BNF). Its founder was Michael Dingake, a former deputy leader of the BNF. The party describes itself as Centre-left and believes in Social Democracy.

The BNF was briefly the national opposition, with 11 members in the National Assembly prior to the 1999 general election. But in that election they managed to win just one seat. They repeated their one seat tally in 2004 but did increase their tally to four seats in 2009.

In May 2010 the Botswana Congress Party merged with the Botswana Alliance Movement (BAM) which had been founded in 1999 as a merger of the Independence Freedom Party (IFP) and the United Action Party (UAP). BAM won one seat in the 2009 general election.

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