Botswana National Front

Published 8th October, 2014

The Botswana National Front or BNF was established shortly before independence in 1966 by opposition members seeking to provide an alternative to the BDP. The party describes itself as Centre-left and believes in Social Democracy.

It has been consistently represented in the National Assembly as the second party in Botswana albeit as a minor member.

The following is a record of its seats held in the National Assembly up to the present day:

1969 – 3 of 31 seats
1974 – 2 of 36 seats
1979 – 2 of 36 seats
1984 – 4 of 38 seats
1989 – 3 of 38 seats
1994 – 13 of 44 seats
1999 – 6 of 44 seats
2004 – 12 of 63 seats
2009 – 6 of 63 seats

In July 1998 the BNF suffered a split in its ranks and the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) was founded by a dissident faction. The BNF briefly lost its official opposition status until the 1999 general election restored it as the second largest party in the National Assembly.

The Botswana National Front is an observer member of Socialist International.

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