Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria

Published 27th September, 2011

Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria or GERB was founded in March 2006 and describes itself as centre right with neoliberal and conservatism ideology.

In their first electoral outing, in the country’s first European elections, in May 2007, GERB won 21.68% of the vote and came top of the poll, taking five of the 18 national seats.

In July 2009 their result was even more impressive when they took 39.72% of the vote and 117 of the 240 seats in the National Assembly of Bulgaria. Their leader, Boyko Borisov became the prime minister.

In the 2013 general election GERB emerged with 97 seats, down 20 on the 2009 result. Although this left them as the largest party in parliament, they were unable to form a coalition government and went into opposition. Over the next year or so they organised a series of protests against the government which eventually resulted in the downfall of the BSP led government after poor European parliament elections in May 2014. This led to the calling of fresh elections for 5th October 2014.

The Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria are members of the European People’s Party and in the European Parliament hold six of the 17 national seats.

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