National Union Attack

Published 27th September, 2011

The National Union Attack was founded in 2005 as a coalition of the National Movement for the Salvation of the Fatherland, the Bulgarian National Patriotic Party and the Union of Patriotic Forces and Militaries of the Reserve Defense. They describe themselves as far right and believe in Bulgarian nationalism, anti-globalization and euroscepticism.

Formed just months before the 2005 election, the National Union Attack won 8.1% of the vote and 21 seats in the 240 seat National Assembly. In 2009 they also won 21 seats, but this time with 9.36% of the vote.

Ataka did marginally better in the 2013 general election, winning an extra two seats to take them to 23 seats in the 240 seat National Assembly. They remained in opposition after the election and allowed the BSP to form a minority government.

Ataka lost both their European Parliament (EP) seats in the 2014 election and currently have no representation in the EP.

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