Burkina Faso

Congress for Democracy and Progress

Published 24th October, 2012

The Congress for Democracy and Progress was formed in 1996 as a merger of President Blaise Compaoré’s Organization for Popular Democracy – Labour Movement (ODP-MT) with ten other pro government parties including the National Convention of Progressive Patriots/Social Democratic Party (CNPP/PSD), Group of Revolutionary Democrats (GDR), Movement for Socialist Democracy (MDS), Party of Action for the Liberalism in Solidarity (PACTILS), Party for Democracy and Rally (PDR), Rally of Independent Social Democrats (RSI), Union of Social Democrats (UDS), Union of Democrats and Patriots of Burkina (UDPB) and factions of the Group of Patriotic Democrats (GDP) and the Burkinabè Socialist Bloc (BSB).

The ODP-MT had itself been founded in April 1989 by a merger of the Burkinabe Union of Communists (UCB) and a faction of the Union of Communist Struggles (ULC).

The party describes itself as left-wing and believes in Socialism and African Socialism.

The party supported Compaoré’s uncontested election in 1991; he had been in power since 1987 when he took power in a coup. Blaise Compaoré went on to win three more elections in 1998 (87.5%), 2005 (80.38%) and 2010 (80.2%).

The ODP-MT won the 1992 general election taking 78 of the 107 seats available and giving them a comfortable majority in the Assembly of People’s Deputies. After that the party has won every general election since. In 1997 they won 101 of 111 seats and in 2002 they won 57 seats. The 2002 result was their lowest showing and in 2007 they were back winning 73 of the 11 seats in the now named National Assembly.

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