Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement

Published 9th September, 2011

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement or CPDM, formed in 1985, is a successor party to the Cameroon National Union (UNC). The UNC was formed in 1966 as a merger between the Cameroon Union (UC) and five other parties and from 1966 was the sole party in a one party state until 1990.

In its first election in the one party state in 1988 the CPDM took all 100 seats in the National Assembly. In the first multi-party elections in 1992 they took 88 of the 180 seats and entered into a coalition government with the small Movement for the Defense of the Republic.

In the presidential election of October 1992, Paul Biya narrowly won with 46.0% of the vote against John Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front with 36.0%. This was the last time he was seriously challenged; in 1997 he took 92.57% of the vote (the main opposition boycotted the poll) and in 2004 he took 70.92%.

The party fared equally well. In 1997 they increased their number of seats in the National Assembly to 109 out of 180 seats. In 2002 that went up to 149 seats and in 2007 to 153 seats.

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