Social Democratic Front

Published 9th September, 2011

The Social Democratic Front or SDF was founded in 1990 and received formal recognition in 1991. It started life by organising a series of anti-government rallies and refused to participate in the May 1992 National Assembly elections. However, they did put up a candidate for the presidential elections the October 1992.

In his first attempt, John Fru Ndi managed to secure 36% of the vote, just 4% behind the incumbent president and winner Paul Biya. In the October 1997 presidential election the SDF boycotted the poll and in 2004 John Fru Ndi managed just 17.4% of the vote.

The party in the National Congress has had similar waning success. In the 1997 general election they won 43 seats and were the second largest party. In 2002 they won just 22 seats although remained in second place and in 2007 they dropped to 16 seats.

The party has consistently refused to participate in attempts by the ruling CPDM to get them involved in government although this has led to internal frictions over the years. They also opposed the constitutional amendment which allowed Paul Biya to run again in the 2011 presidential election.

The SDF is a full member of the Socialist International.

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