North America

About political parties in Canada

Parties at a federal level are almost entirely separated from a wide range of political parties at provincial and territorial level.  The Politics Abroad website concentrates on national (federal) parties […] more ->

Bloc Québécois

Bloc Québécois or BQ was founded in 1991 as the federal voice of Quebec separatism, with the aim of achieving sovereignty for this predominantly French speaking province. In its first […] more ->

Conservative Party of Canada (Parti conservateur du Canada)

The Conservative Party of Canada or Conservatives was founded in December 2003 when the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party (Canadian Alliance) voted to merge their […] more ->

Liberal Party of Canada (Parti libéral du Canada)

The Liberal Party of Canada, often referred to as the Grits, was founded in 1867 and was the ruling party in Canada for the majority (69 years) of the 20th […] more ->

New Democratic Party (Nouveau Parti Démocratique)

The New Democratic Party or NDP was founded in 1961 and is said to have evolved from the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).  The party describes itself as having grown from […] more ->

Minor Parties

Animal alliance Environment Party of Canada (Animal Alliance/Environment Voters) Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada) Canadian Action party (CAP) Communist Party of Canada (Communist) First Peoples National Party of […] more ->