New Democratic Party

Published 4th April, 2011

The New Democratic Party or NDP was founded in 1961 and is said to have evolved from the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).  The party describes itself as having grown from populist, agrarian and democratic socialist roots with a long standing relationship with the Christian left and Social Gospel movements.

The NDP have failed to make the breakthrough to become the second largest party in parliament, partly because their vote is spread across the whole country.

In the 1993 general election they slid to fifth position, retaining just nine of the 43 seats they had taken in the 1988 election.

In 1997 the NDP won 21 seats, but slipped back to 13 seats in the 2000 election.  In the 2004 election they regained some ground and moved back to 19 seats.  In 2006 they did even better and took 29 seats with 17.48% of the vote, but in 2008 they had their best showing since 1988, taking 37 seats and 18.13% of the vote.

Jack Layton has been their leader since January 2003.

The NDP are members of Socialist International.

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