Cape Verde

Movement for Democracy

Published 19th January, 2011

Along with the PAICV the MpD is the other major party in Cape Verde. It describes itself as a right of centre party favoring free trade, an open economic policy, and greater cooperation with international organisations. It was founded in April 1990 by exiles wanting to see a multi-party system and free enterprise economy. The founders returned to Cape Verde and negotiated an agreement for multi-party elections in 1990.

The MpD signed an agreement with the UCID in 1990 to spread their influence actross the country.

As a result the MpD won the 1991 general election, taking 56 of the 79 seats in the National Assembly. The MpD Presidential candidate also won the Presidential elections in the same year.

In 1995 the MpD won again taking 50 seats and 61.30% of the vote. In 1996 their candidate was the only one standing in the Presidential election and took 80.1% of the vote (the rest were blank ballot papers).

In 2001 the MpD lost the General Election and the Presidential election, taking 30 seats to the PAICVs 40 seats.

In 2006 they retained 29 seats out of 72 in the National Assembly and again their Presidential candidate lost.

The MpD gains much of its support from the smaller urban areas and towns.

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