Central African Republic

Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People

Published 18th January, 2011

The MLPC was founded in Paris in 1979 by a group of exiles led by Ange-Félix Patassé who became President of the Central African Republic in 1993 until he was ousted in a coup on 15th March 2003 by General François Bozizé.

In 1993 the MLPC won 34 out of 85 National Assembly seats.  In 1998 the MLPC won 47 of 109 seats and in 2005 won 11 of 105 seats.  They are, currently, the second largest party in the National Assembly.

In 2006 Martin Ziguélé was elected the President of the MLPC and remains in that role.  He is the MLPC candidate for the 2011 Presidential election.

Ex President Patassé was not permitted to stand in the 2005 Presidential election but has returned to contest the 2011 election as an Independent.

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