Central African Republic

National Convergence “Kwa Na Kwa”

Published 5th January, 2011

The Kwa Na Kwa (work just work) came into existence in 2003. At the time it was a loose coalition of various groups, civic and political, supporting François Bozizé who subsequently became President in 2005.
At the time the KNK was not formalised as a party, this only happened on Friday 21st August 2009 in readiness for the next scheduled elections in 2010.
President Bozizé describes the KNK as a Social Democratic Labour Party, but stresses that it is not a party of theory, but as the name implies, of practical policies. Its core aim is to combat poverty and ‘is a tool to combat idleness, laziness and laxity’.
The KNK won 42 of the 105 seats in the 2005 General election. In addition 34 independents were elected, a number of whom have subsequently joined the KNK. The Inter-Parliamentary Union website states that the KNK and its allies have 78 seats in the National Assembly.