Central African Republic

Patriotic Front for Progress

Published 18th January, 2011

The FPP was launched in 1981 after anti-Bokassa campaigner Abel Goumba had broken with the post-Bokassa Dacko government.

The party forged links with the European democratic left and is currently an observer member of Socialist International.

In late 1991 the FPP was a leading member of the Consultative Group of Democratic Forces (CFD) along with 13 other parties and six trade unions.  Subsequently Abel Goumba stood as the CFD candidate in the 1992 Presidential election and the re-run 1993 election without success.

In the 1993 general election the FPP took seven of 85 seats.  In 1998 they took seven of 109 seats and in 2005 took two of 105 seats.

In March 2006 Alexandre Goumba (Abel Goumba’s son) was elected President of the FPP. 

The FPP are not putting up a Presidential candidate for the 2011 election but are expected to field general election candidates.

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